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Netral Band

Biografi Netral – Band Alternative Indonesia

netral band 2 Biografi Netral Band Alternative Indonesia Netral is a band that was formed Group on November 11, 1992. Indonesia where the press was said to be a Band Alternatives. Regardless of who provided the Indonesian press is true or not. A clear band of the friendships formed at 55 and SMA 60 Jakarta is only play music that really pure heart out of their own conscience. In accordance with the definition of music as we know it.
netral 3 Biografi Netral Band Alternative Indonesia 
Music is a universal language that can be understood by everyone, where the musical voice of the musician's heart who really want to spend and share what they feel to everyone.
Since established, Netral only consists of three personnel, namely:
bagus netral
bagus netral 205x300 Biografi Netral Band Alternative Indonesia
Born on January 17, 1971. In this great band playing musical instruments as well as the Bass Guitar and Vocalist. Bass and game characters give voice to the music Neutral colors PUNK
Born on December 22, 1971. Playing a musical instrument drum, which succeeded in providing a unique feature on the music Netral
Better known by the name of Miten, Born on September 23, 1971, playing a musical instrument Guitar by providing features rock 'n' roll. At first, they played music from abroad such as Nirvana, Testament, Jimi Hendrix, Alice in chains, Metallica, and others. Also often filled events at high schools and Universities in Greater Jakarta ..
The number of performances that do make the Netral more mature in appearance. So they began to think to create their own albums. In 1994, with the struggle is not light, Netral finally get a producer for the album. Under the auspices of PT. Indosemar Sakti, Netral wa ... album was released, and managed to sell more than 80,000 units of cassette and compact disc of this album ..
The second album titled Not Netral Tidak Enak on July 30, 1996 and the press of conference at Jazz Rock Cafe Jakarta attended by nearly all colleagues of the press in Jakarta and colleagues of the press from other areas. Netral second album titled TIDAK ENAK, not bad indeed impressive, but if there is seriousness and concern observed in Netral, giving rise to a musical attraction for the hearing. With Bobo song, boring day, and my village this second album does not lose its sales figures with the first album.

The band is more well known to many people so that when foreign bands like Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth and the Beastie Boys are present in Indonesia at the Jakarta Pop Alternative Music Festival, the Neutral band was asked to become their companion. Recorded more than 50,000 people witnessed performances Neutral. Not only successful in staging, but successful entry Neutral Neutral is also followed by the BASF AWARD nomination for best newcomer category of Best Rock Group.
On 16 January 1998, Netral issued a third album with the title "Album Minggu Ini " and the place held a tour to 24 cities in Sumatra and Java. With video clips "Pucat Pedih Serang" made in Rizal Mantovani, making this album sales continue to grow in the presence of the first songs. This figure continues to grow in the presence of other songs that are favored market like the lagu Kau, Selamat Datang, dan Dukun Kebo Ijo.. Unlike the previous albums, this album is more easily heard, in the hope of absorbing the broader market.
In July 1998, Bimo said he wants out because she wants to try new musical colors. Despite a heavy heart but finally had to take off Bimo Netral. The days have passed by without Ben Additional staging drummer to fill schedules.
Some Additional drummer who once helped Neutral, are:
1. Hengky (Kindern)2. Toni Traxx (Kaktus)3. Eno (Djakarta)
Desakkan top producer, Netral should immediately seek permanent drummer to fill the place left by Bimo, then after considering many things, it was decided to invite Eno as Drummer remain Neutral. So as of March 26, 1999, Eno accept the offer and officially replaces Bimo Neutral.

The data from Eno is: Throckmorton neutral Alternative Band Biography Netral Indonesia
Name:Eno Gitara Riyanto
Place / date of birth:
October 11, 1979
eno netral 204x300 Biografi Netral Band Alternative Indonesia

- Djakarta Band- Additional Musician for Bima Band
Education:Pancasila University, Fac. Technical Architecture
Color Music:Rock, Blues, Acid, Fusion
Together Eno, Netral finally able to release his fourth album, entitled "PATEN" on June 9, 1999. With the support of such Additional Musician Ahmad Dhani and Dessy Fitri, hits Netral entitled "Nurani" is believed to boost album sales above 150,000 units. Especially on this album there are materials such as pig, '98, & Glass, energetic, easy to understand and be able to represent the voices of young people who have been less didengar.Sound Guitar unique and dynamic punch that makes the Drum Eno album This is more mature than previous albums.Netral Band Biography
Netral band Alternative Indonesia

In July 1999 with the help of a video clip director Dimas Djayadiningrat conscience Indonesia won the music video for July 1999/2000. In the month of August-September netral toured several cities in Java - including Bali can play on Centerstage at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali is usually filled by the music of easy listening.
End of November Miten resigned from netral after several absences in each activity. In December 1999 Miten farewell to leave for America to continue his school. After resigning Miten, and while the position is filled by some additional, which among others is Damar (older brother of Miten). The charger has not got a guitar for replacement are:
1. Apoy ( Denny Iskandar)
2. Damar
3. Denny Chasmala
4. Taras
Alternately they help neutral for concerts, recordings or other activities.
In May 2000 a neutral finish the record for "the album the best" that the material is a collection of 12 songs from the album the first to fourth and added two new songs, entitled Cahaya bulan, dan Warna Biru.
The total amount of the entire song in this album is 14 songs, consisting of: Cahaya Bulan, Wa..lah, Nurani, Pelangi, Pucat Pedih Serang, Sakau, Boring day, Bulan, Babi, Kau, Desaku, Sampah, Bobo, Warna biru.  For more interesting title of this album in plesetkan into Netral is the best. 13 Alternative Band Biography Netral Indonesia And finally in June 2000 cassette and Compact Disc album was released by PT. Indo Semar Sakti as the producer netral.
In the year 2001, with 2 people wrote netral personnel released the album to V with the title "Okay Deh" Bertarung hits with singles. This album contains new songs and good works of Eno and assisted by some additional guitar.
In 2003, Netral gets a new member to the position of the guitar that is Throckmorton, after going through a long audition and several times as an additional guitar part in several concerts with netral, then finally, officially became a member Coki netral. In the same year, netral latest album titled "kancut" the first single entitled - I Love You. : L The album was quite successful and captured the attention of young children because the material this album is quite fresh, and unique but has a typical netral accent. At the end of 2003, both titled Neutral clips issued: His name is also Netral. The songs are a bit smelly bossas is accompanied by lyrics that are funny and still ended with a beat-style netral toned and powerful, making this song into something new and unique for Indonesia music market.
coki netral 2 225x300 Biografi Netral Band Alternative Indonesia
coki netral band

Dated February 7, 2005, released the album neutral to VII, with seven songs and the material is only printed 7000 copies DVD only, netral intention that this album is a special offering for music lovers netral. Because this album is only printed limited. By becoming a producer of his own albums under the name "kancut Record" netral, releasing the album "Hitam", with the first single - Haru Biru. This album is only sold through the fan club netral, through distribution and through MTV trax, with accompanying bonus DVD contains a movie about the making of this album. So make this album something special and probably the first in Indonesia.
In June 2005, netral to the eighth album released entitled "Putih". Upon the desire of the netral fan, then this album was released nationally in collaboration with Alfa Records as the distributor, then the putih album is available in all record stores. This album produced many singles such as “Terbang Tenggelam“’, “Sorri“, “di Pantai di kala rembulan”, “Super Hero“, dan “Terompet Iblis“. Putih album is quite successful in the sales of not less than 100 thousand pieces of tape were sold throughout Indonesia. Not to mention a solid concert schedule for a full year, making the Putih album is quite successful. [Via]

netral band Biografi Netral Band Alternative Indonesia
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